Zekrom and Reshiram: The Lore of Unova’s Legendary Pokemon

Pokemon Lore: The Legend of Zekrom and Reshiram

2,500 years ago. Unova was a warring region. People and Pokemon were at each other’s throats. The people of the soon-to-one-day become Unova region, were fighting for power. Many wanted control of the land and its people. These people were willing to do unspeakable acts to get it. The violence sparked all around the region. The land was caught in between a many-sided war that seemed to have no end. This story starts with two princes, and a united Zekrom and Reshiram.


The Two Hero Princes

The two sons of the king sat in their castle. The two princes had had enough of the violence ruining their lands. And so they decided to stop it. They joined together and used the power of a mighty beast—the power of a powerful dragon Pokemon to stop the fighting. 

They fought against all their opponents. Brother with brother, they and their Pokemon were soon outmatching all foes who dared step in their way. 

And soon the violence stopped. 

Peace had been brought to the land. 

The brothers were named the rulers of the land. The land soon received a name. The land becomes the region of Unova. The land was united under the rule of the two brothers and their Pokemon. 

The Brothers were victorious, and the quarreling amongst the people ceased. Yet, the peace didn’t last long. But this time, it was not the people who ended the era of peace. There were no rebellions, no riots nothing like that. 

The true reason for the new warfare would be the brothers themselves. 

The two brothers were now in charge of the kingdom. They were the rulers. But they had two very different ideas on how to rule over their people. The older brother sought truth. And the younger brother sought ideals. This animosity between the two Unova princes brought the people an ill fate. This animosity turned into hate and once, more blood began to fall. 


Zekrom and Reshiram 

The dragon owned by both the brothers was unable to pick a side. Both of its beloved masters were at odds. How could it? 

In the end, something mysterious occurred. The dragon split into two separate Pokemon. One of the new Pokemon was a large black monster. Scary, cold, harsh. A Pokemon of lightning and thunder. That Pokemon would be given the name Zekrom. 

The second beast was large and white. It had wings for hands. It was a gorgeous Pokemon. Its white color held a majestic sort of aura with it, unlike its dark, cold counterpart. This Pokemon would be one of fire and flames. This Pokemon would be known millennia later as Reshiram. 

These two Pokemon became polar opposites. Each follows one brother in their fight. Zekrom followed the younger brother, who sought ideals. Reshiram followed the older brother, who sought truth. 

These two Pokemon were equally matched. And once more. The land of Unova saw devastation it had never seen before. 



When the great dragon split, two dragons of truth and ideals were born from it, and another Pokemon saw its life begin. The Pokemon would be known as Kyurem. 

While its quarreling siblings represented the far end of truth and the far end of ideals, Kyrurem would become the symbol of balance—a bit of both truth and ideals. 

While the Pokemon Kyurem itself would not have a significant role in this story. The very thing it stands for will. The idea of balance would be the thing that ends the ruination of Unova. 


The End of the Battle

The brothers fought violently. Yet neither was able to defeat the other. Their prowess was equally matched. Zekrom and Reshiram had no difference in strength. 

The very same land they came together to unite, was burning from their malice.

The very same people they had yearned to save, were screaming in agony as they burned and were electrocuted to death. The princes were no longer the heroes they were once deemed as not long ago. 

The land of Unova and the people were now angered by the princes and their Pokemon. 

Ideals and Truth. Which one was better? The simple question that the brothers wanted the other to understand was tearing the nation apart. Their belief was that either Truth or Ideals would bring prosperity, instead, it brought pain. 

When the brothers realized their actions, it was too late. The Region of Unova was destroyed. 

The brothers realized their actions were shameful and horrible. They came together and finally agreed on what would bring true prosperity. 

Not just truth, or just ideals. But a balance of the two. A balance of Truth of Ideals would’ve kept this war from happening. If the brothers could’ve agreed, thousands would not be dead. The same lightning and fire that rescued them from neverending war, was the one to destroy the region once more. 

Soon after, the brothers disappeared. Few records of history tell us where they went or what they did after. The shameful brothers disappeared. Only one record still remains. It tells the story of one brother and their Pokemon. Which brother and their Pokemon, none know. 

The said brother and Pokemon came together once more to build Relic Castle. The Relic Castle would become home to a new civilization. It would begin a new era. One, which flourishes, unlike those before it. A civilization, where war was most likely never known.


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