The Reviver’s Passage: A Thoughtful Walk with Death

The Revivers' Passage
The Reviver’s Passage: Chapter VI
By: Prappies

Hestia followed the mysterious man for a while. They walked back into the forest. She ran to his side.

“Now that we are working together, I realized you never told me what your name was… so what is your name?” she asked him. 

He didn’t answer; he kept looking forward. 

“I supposed you’d ask that… You’ll most likely find out my name later on. I won’t tell you right now, I don’t feel like it.”

This cocky little…


Hestia nearly fell back as a sudden blue light sped past her. She followed its path with her eyes, and watched as it nearly rammed into a tree, and then changed its course to go upwards. It disappeared into the thick leaves of the trees. Hestia could hear it rustling against the branches. 

She hears a sudden shrill from somewhere in the leaf foliage. Something that falls through the leaves, the leaves rustled and parted to give the item space to fall. She could see the thinnest branches on the tree shake and shutter. The thing fell out of the leaves and began free falling with no obstacles in its way. When it landed, it landed softly. No sound or thud. It hit the floor as peacefully and as gracefully as it fell. 

Hestia walked forward to see what it had been. She crouched down and noticed its vibrant coloration. A red body, and wings with a black undertone. Its wings were spread out, each wing being as big as the little bird’s body. Its yellow beak wide open, and its eyes closed. Hestia picked up the bird, so small it fit snugly into her palm. Her other thumb stroked its cheek, feeling the soft feathers tickle the tip of her thumb. She turned back to the man with an angered expression. 

“What was that for, why’d you kill it like that?” She asked, stunned and angered. She herself was no stranger to killing animals. It was how she learned to practice her swordplay, it was how she and Wally fed themselves on days where they had nothing to trade in. But that was practical, there was a practical reason for the killing of these animals. The god standing in front of her had seemingly been killed for no reason. No explanation had been given, just a swift death delivered to a creature minding its own business. He would do well to explain his actions. 

“We need it to open the way to the underworld, and the only way to open a gate to the underworld is by death. We need to have a soul to transport us across. I was banished, remember? I can’t enter and exit by will,” he stated as he slowly grabbed the tiny bird from Hestia’s hand. His fingers brushed Hestia’s palm, as he picked the bird up like a crane. He held the bird in a fist, with much less gentleness than she had given the bird. Its entire body was enraptured by his palms and fingers, save for the part of his head just above the beak. Its feathers were sticking out from the spaces between his fingers, and the claws of his toes but reaching outside the bottom of his hand. 

Hestia looked agitated for a moment, but slowly calmed down.

He had given his reason. And it had been a practical one, one that would further their mission. There was no need to hold any hostility towards him any longer. 

She smiled down at the little creature. 

“So what do we do now?…” She turned to ask the man, but saw only a gust of wind in his place. She watched in surprise as the bird dropped once more to the ground. It hit the ground before she had even a second to understand what had happened. When she realized that the bird had been dropped, it also clicked in her mind that the god was gone. She stood up quickly and began to look for him. Panic slowly began to rise as she saw no evidence of him anywhere. The panic was quickly assuaged by his voice in her head.

I am inside of you. 

She jumped up in surprise at the sudden voice from inside her head. 


I am inside of you, I am hiding and you will be my temporary vessel to get across to the otherside. 

“Why must you hide? Are you afraid of being caught?” She asked the man.

Of course I am afraid. I have been banished. I am the weakest of my brothers, despite being the second eldest and as of right now, none of them are too fond of me. I cannot be caught before I even enter my old home, I have been banished after all.  It will not bode well for us. You will sneak in with the tiny bird, and I will sneak in inside of you. 

“With the bird?”

Look onto your shoulder.

The woman turned around a small bird perched on her shoulder. But the bird did not have the red feathers, black wings, or yellow beak of the dead bird she had just picked up. This bird’s physical properties, instead, was more a translucent white. There was no color anywhere on it, just white so pale and wispy that she could see a bush in the distance while looking straight at it. The bird seemed at peace on her shoulder, happy even. It was nipping at her ear, of course since it was dead, she couldn’t feel anything. She hadn’t even known the bird was there on her shoulder until the god mentioned it to her. 

She wondered why he had bothered to take the bird from her if he was going to drop its body anyway. 

If trouble comes, I will give aid and advice. Until then, hopefully I have nothing to do, I will stay inside of you. I will disguise you as an incoming soul as well. So going into the underworld will be easier. 

“Disguise me as a soul?” Asked Hestia, looking confused.

Yes, you’ll have to get past the Grim Reaper. He is a former friend of mine… I do miss the man. But nevermind that… Since I am the son of the god of the underworld, I am born with certain powers that even my father cannot take away. I am also a soul. As a kid me and my brothers often played pranks like that one on the Grim Reaper. He would often come over to this world expecting to find a lost soul, but instead found his boss’s children messing with him.

Hestia couldn’t quite understand how him being a soul would disguise her as one, but she decided not to comment on it. He would definitely have a lot more knowledge on the inner working of the underworld than she would. 

“You sounded like a wonderful child,” reprimanded Hestia mockingly.

That we were. Answered the god cheerfully. Oh look, it seems he is coming. Be ready now.

“Huh, wait how can you te…” She began. But then stopped when she saw a huge skeleton man wrapped in torn robes appear before her. He was not looking at her. His face was white, and his eye sockets were hollow and dark. His cheekbones were eye and sharp, with  which were not hidden any skin or lips. He had a thin, silky hood covering his head, with sleeve openings so large the tip of them reached below his hip. His robe opened up at the front of his chest, showing a bony rib cage and the inside of the black robes. 

Her words got caught in her mouth, as she stared at the Grim Reaper

With his dark clothes, and skeletal figure, he was a terrifying being. Next to him, Hestia could feel the aura of ‘death’ radiating off of him. Regret, horror, stunment, and every ill feeling that was often associated with passing on. The sadness of reaching your end, the stunment that comes with the realization that you will die, and the horror that comes as a mix of the other feelings.  

But even with that, with his scary face, his dark aura… she felt calm in his presence. It was as if his arrival had released a warm drug in the air, and as she breathed in the drug, it soothed her heart.Yes, he made her feel every ill feeling there is to feel, but his presence seemed to balance it was calmness and acceptance of what will be next. 

It was like the ill feelings were just a needle poking her in the back of her head. Almost irrelevant. This being radiated a sense of balance.

The Grim Reaper turned to look at her.

“Two souls for the passage? That’s not quite common is it… that too the souls of an animal and a human. Quite rare” he said to her.

His voice rang in a soft trill. Like that of a father affectionately calling to his child, calming them down when their mind is in a spiral. Hestia couldn’t help but to smile. His presence was even more calming than that of Wally’s, something she had thought to be impossible. In Death’s presence, it was like she could take on whatever came next. Between her task and the weird god man, nothing seemed impossible. It felt beautiful. 

“Are you ready to go? Asked the Grim Reaper gently.

“Ye-yeah…” answered Hestia. She was shaken out of her reverie. Instead of saying anything, the Grim Reaper smiled. 

The Grim Reaper reached out his hand, and slowly Hestia reached out to grab it. As she grasped it, she felt a small smile come across her face as well. His hands were boney and cold. His rough fingers slide across her palm before taking it in a gentle grasp. 

The Grim Reaper’s other hand stretched out, palm side up. The tiny little bird’s ghost flew to it and landed on its palm. The Grim Reaper then perched the bird on its shoulder, where it cuddled up against its neck and chirped happily.

The Grim Reaper held Hestia’s hand gently, and pulled her towards him, and then wrapped his arm around his shoulders. Suddenly the wind picked up and flew around them. Hestia pressed her face to his chest, as she covered her face using her arms. The accompanier of Death held her close, blocking any debris from hitting her face. 

When the wind stopped, she looked up. She was stunned.

In front of her was a forest. The sky was blood red, and the trees were black and leafless. The ground was rocky and barren, yet the sky was filled with numerous black branches. The trees reached far, far up in the air. She felt no breeze hit her, but the branches danced nevertheless. 

She released the Grim Reaper, and turned to him. 

“Where are we?” She asked him.

The Grim Reaper smiled at her.

“We are simply on our way to where you must go.”

He began to walk, and motioned for her to follow. Hestia did so, rather hesitantly, lagging behind him. 

They walked slowly through the forest, which scarily mirrored her own. It was as if the forest that she had called home for all the 10 years she had lived with Wally, and more, was right in front of her. It was similar, yet so oddly different. She walked with her guard up, the place was eerie and scary. The Grim Reaper took notice of her scared demeanor.

“There is no need to fear anything here. This area is the most peaceful area of the underworld. No harm will be done to you here.” he said to the frightened girl.

“How do I know that? You are death, you take lives away. You are the greatest evil there is. Why can I trust you?”

The Grim Reaper stopped and turned to look at her, the woman’s hand flew to grip her sword which was clasped in her belt. 

He did not attack. He just asked her a surprising question.

“Is death a bad thing? Is that how you see death?” He asked her. 


“Do I scare you?”

No. She thought immediately. As stunning as it was to her, the being radiating Death, did not scare her. But she did not want to tell him, because after all, not fearing Death was something unheard of. She assumed this robed man was playing tricks on her. And so she lied.

“Of-of course you scare me. You are death, and I love life. You are the embodiment of all man fears. How can I not be afraid?”

The Grim Reaper simply tilted his head at her. And then, his teeth moved into what seemed to be a smile. He had no lips to part, or to curl up, but somehow, he managed to give her an innocent, warm smile. 

“Why is death bad in your eyes? I have been death everyday for my entire life… since the beginning of time. I have accompanied the hurt, betrayed, and saddened across to the afterlife. And I watched them as they started life anew in the form of reincarnation. In all my time, I have not seen death as a curse… but as a gift. Death is an escape. Those who were tortured in war, lived saddened lives, all wished upon me to grant it.” He said to her.

“So… you granted it then.” She said nonchalantly. 

The Grim Reaper looked at her. And responded.


“Wait what?” said the woman in surprise. 

“No, I do not grant death dear. I just see you through the beginning stages of your death, help you understand the situation and make the best of your passage. I want to make you happy and proud at having lived a great life. I do not want anyone to die early, it saddens me.” 

“Why… you are death… why would you not want people to die?” She asked, confused.

“Death is the end… Why end everything when it’s only just beginning. You are at the beginning of the line, why step out when the race gets hard… when just beyond the hard is the exact thing you looked for. I prefer it when people join me after they get past that section of the race. Then, I can smile and tell them they did well. And welcome them to the end of the race.”

“You… love life?” She asked in surprise.

“Life is the most precious gift given… And I have the honor of meeting people after they experienced that gift. It can be very humbling. So yes, I do love life. It may be my opposite, but it is my lovely friend. I want to bring someone over when life has given them a gift that I cannot. Happy lives make for the best conversations…The people I talk to all leave, and I am happy for them. They get another chance. But it gets lonely so a good story every once in a while makes me happy. I am not the bringer of death, death is natural. I am simply a being who guides them into the next part. I get lonely, but I am used to it. I think it’s always nice to have someone else walk with you when you are traveling through the unknown. I hope that my accompaniment made their transition into death easier. I think it’s sad to be lonely, let there be at least one being who helps you through your darkest time. That’s how I think of my role. I do not think I am a bad guy… am I?” He asked. 

Hestia stood there, staring at the man in pity.

His speech had reminded her so much of her in her early days. Before she had met Wally, she had been alone. So alone. She wandered the streets, hoping to make a quick coin from her metalwork. She had only been focusing on finding her next meal, her next buyer, just making it to the next day. 

She had had no purpose in life.

When Wally came, he came with a new feeling of hope and meaning. She was enjoying her days, because she had someone else to spend it with. Only then did she truly feel how alone she was. He had told her the best jokes, and gave her the best advice. He taught her how to use a sword, and entertained her with so many stories that she always found amusing. 

She would not leave him for dead, she didn’t know much, but she knew that much. She turned her attention back to Death, having been captivated by his speech. 

He sounded and looked upset. He does have an important role, but human ideals and beliefs speak ill of him. Hestia felt shameful to have been fooled by her ideals to look down on this lovely being. 

Hestia smiled and looked up at him. 

“No, I don’t think you’re the bad guy. People seem to misunderstand death, misunderstand you. As for your role, I think it’s the best and most lovely role there is. You lead the heartbroken, saddened, and lost souls to a better tomorrow. You’ve saved many souls…Thank you,” She said, smiling. 

The Grim Reaper looked at her, and a small smile tugged at his boney face. 

“I am honored to be your guide Hestia, I haven’t had such heart to heart in millennias. Thank you. Although… going to your next life… I don’t think that’s why you’re here, am I right?” Said the Grim Reaper, not once faltering in his steps. 

Hestia nearly fell in surprise, she decided to play safe at this sudden, but very true accusation. 

“Of course that’s why I am here. Why else am I here?” She said, while fakely laughing. 

“To get your friend back of course.” Said the Grim Reaper blankly.

The god inside of Hestia looked stunned, how does he know that? Can he sense my presence?…

That’s when the realization hit him, his plan had not been as foolproof as he had originally thought. 

Of course Death knows its me. I literally just mentioned it to Hestia, my brothers and I often played pranks on him while taking over a bunch of mortals. He would know how to identify me after thousands of years of that prank. My gods I am such a damn fool!

“It seems my boss’s son inside you is not too happy as of right now.” remarked the Grim Reaper. 

Hestia internally laughed. They had been caught before the game could even begin. Yet, she felt no fear. She had a feeling that Death would not turn them in. 

“Your predictions of my next actions are true my dear. I am not going to tell my boss of your arrival. And tell my boss’s son inside of you that I am Death, and no one escapes me. Not even someone as sly as he. I can also sense the reasons why you are here, while both your motives differ drastically. I believe you are both doing wonderful things. So I will not stop you.”

“But… we are going against your very role. Why are you not averse to the fact that we are trying to bring a dead man back to life?” She asked.

The Grim Reaper was not looking at her, and a long silence ensued. “I have my reasons dear. None of which I can share with you unfortunately, for that I am truly sorry.”

Hestia looked at him, and then turned away.

“Thank you… you shouldn’t be apologizing. Your acceptance is more than enough. You not being our enemy as well is a gift I cannot repay.”

The Grim Reaper looked at her, now fully turned around to face her. 

“My boy, it seems you have made a wonderful decision. This girl will take you far.” The Grim Reaper said. 

From inside Hestia, the god smirked. 

I know death, I can make good choices. I have to… or else nothing else will go right. Let’s just hope she takes me where I have to go. 

Knowing that Death himself thought highly of her, filled Hestia’s heart with pride. 

“Well we should be almost to your destination…” said Death, interrupting her from her thoughts.

Just beyond the forest was a long bridge. As they walked near it, she felt a sudden change in the atmosphere.

It feels as if the temperature suddenly dropped, everything suddenly feels cold. 

Her hand flew to her sword, she stood in a defensive position. 

“I see you can already sense it,” said Death. 

“What is it? What is beyond that bridge?” She asked. 

“Hate… you are soon entering the realm of hate,” said Death.

“The realm of hate? I’m sorry but what does that mean?” Asked Hestia. 

Death looked at her. “Did he not explain what lays ahead of you?”

“He? Oh you mean the weird god dude?”

I am not a weird god dude

“Well, then it seems that I must fill you in on everything. Listen closely dear, it’s better you go in with a slight idea of what you’ve signed up for. There are four sons born from the Lord of the Underworld, four brothers. They each rule over an aspect of life. They rule over evil aspects. When you enter each of their domains, you’ll be attacked with sickening feelings, and will have to overcome each feeling as you defeat evil creatures and souls that lay in each realm.”

“What kind of creatures will I fight Death?” Asked Hestia.

“The monsters you will face are simply souls.” Said Death.

“But you said I’ll have to fight creatures and souls… How are the creatures souls?” Hestia responded, with a confused expression.

“The souls there are there because they died because of said evil attribute. Beyond this bridge is the Realm of Hate. All the souls in that realm died because they hated too much. Their hate led to their death. So their soul traveled here. Some of the people in this realm were good people who made bad choices. These are the souls, they will soon be reincarnated. Some of the people in this realm are evil or bad people, they aren’t given the right to reincarnate So here they will stay for the rest of eternity. The evil souls in each of these realms will wander aimlessly forever. Eventually, even their soul will become nearly obsolete. Their souls will converge with other souls to form hellish beasts. They no longer have any control over their own soul, they are now a clump of nothing used to form monsters.” Said Death.

“I see,” said Hestia.

“Can I ask a favor of you dear?” Asked Death.

Hestia looked taken aback. “Of course Death, please ask away. I’ll see if I can do it.”

“Can you only attack only the souls that attack you? Most souls in these realms are innocent people who made bad choices as I said. They were not bad people. These good souls will not attack you. The bad ones will. The souls in the Realm of Animus, also known as the realm of Hate, for example, have felt lots of hate in their lives. Should they even feel such feelings after death, when death is supposed to be an escape from the terrors of life? Be kind to those who do not bother you, yes some souls deserve hate for the rest of eternity for the crimes and atrocities they have committed… but others… I don’t believe so.”

Hestia stood there, and smiled warmly at Death. 

“That I will do.” She answered gently.

“Then it seems that here is where we say our goodbyes. I truly hope I don’t see you again for a long time. The next time I’ll see you is when it is your turn to cross into the underworld.” Death said as he put his hand on Hestia’s shoulder.

“It was a joy talking to you Death. Thank you.” Hestia began to walk towards the bridge, when she suddenly stopped and turned back to look at Death. 

“For what it’s worth, I think you have a very important duty, no matter how hated you are to humans.” She gave Death a wave and kept walking towards the bridge. Death watched her as she began to walk on the wobbly bridge.

I wish you only the very best my dear. He turned around and began to walk away, he turned his head back to face her once more.

I see that the entire truth has not been shared with you, and as much as I wish I could’ve warned you of it, I could not. Even Death himself has his hands tied. Please be careful.

Death continued his travels, until he could be seen no more.

<– The Reviver’s Passage: Ch.V                                                                                                                                     The Reviver’s Passage: Ch.VII–>


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