The Promised Neverland Premium Farms: The Farms for the Rich Demon Upperclass explained

The Promised Neverland is a story about demons that eat humans… much like 70% of the anime and manga out there. Our main characters Emma, Ray, and Norman live in an “orphanage” where they are fed properly and receive the best of education. What the children don’t know is that they live in a human harvesting farm, known as a “Premium Farm” where when they are over the age of 6, they are killed to be sold and eaten by the demons of the land. 


The Promised Neverland Premium Farms

We are introduced to the idea of Premium Farms later on in the manga. These farms, different from “Factory Farms”, are incredibly rare. There are only 4 Premium farms in the whole demon world, while there are hundreds of factory farms. 

These Premium Farms hold the tastiest of meat, reserved solely for the upper class of demon society. The human meat from these farms is carefully cared for, for years until it is of the best quality. The human children in these premium farms are taught and educated. A smart mind makes the tastiest brain after all. The children are raised in the best of living conditions as well.

They take daily tests, the lower-scoring kids get shipped out much earlier than higher scorers due to their low capabilities.  They have lower chances of becoming the highest quality meat after all. 

Each of the children has serial numbers that are used to identify them, the kids and the mothers and sisters have these numbers. 


  Grace Field House 

Grace Field House is the farm we are most familiar with. This is the house where Ray, Norman, and Emma were raised since birth. Their “Mother” Isabella has taken care of them in their mansion-sized house. The Grace Field House is the smallest of the four Premium Farms. This farm has only one large mansion to house all the children. Perhaps due to its small size and smaller population of children, it gives the tastiest and highest quality meat. Grace Field kids have their serial numbers on their necks. 

The children here at Grace Field House are harvested much younger than at the other premium farm houses. The maximum age here is 12 years old. The maximum age is 12 because Grace Field focused on the children’s mental strength. The brain is fully developed by 12 according to the manga. 

This house is also one of the last houses where the children realize something about their home is very wrong. 

When Norman and Emma accidentally see Connie’s dead body, and the demons… the other three houses already have had children realize this long before. Glory Bell has had children escape. So have Goodwill Ridge and Grand Valley.

And unlike those three premium farm houses, all children who escape from the Grace Field House survive to reach the human world in 2049. 


The Promised Neverland Glory Bell 

Glory Bell is the second premium farm we learn off. Unlike Grace Field, this farm was huge. It was more comparable to a village of kinds rather than a single house. Glory Bell had a much higher population of children when compared to Grace Field. Glory Bell kids have their serial numbers on their left abdomen, unlike Grace Field who have them on their neck. 

19 children would escape from this farm in 2033. None of these children would survive. Most would be killed when the group goes to Goldy Pond to look for the hint William Minerva gave them. The Goldy Pond would be filled with poacher demons, who would go on to kill 17 of the children. Yugo would be able to escape back to their hideout, while Lucas would survive that attack but be forced to hide out in the Pond for many more years.

Both of them would be killed when they reach 30 years of age (escaping the gruesome deaths their friends received more than 15 years prior) before they would be killed. They would be killed when Andrew Ratri and his men infiltrate their hideout. Lucas and Yugo would fight the men off while their friends escape. They would sacrifice themselves when they blew up the hideout to kill the infiltrators. 

There is only one Glory Bell orphan who made it to the human world, that would be Norman’s friend Vincent. Vincent met Norman due to Norman being shipped to the research facility Vincent had been living in. Vincent had been shipped to said facility years prior. He would team up with Norman, and end up going to the human world in 2049.

The escapees from Glory Bell had children older than 12 since the maximum shipment age was 15 years of age. This is because Glory Bell focused more on physical strength rather than mental strength. 


The Promised Neverland Grand Valley

Few major characters come from this house, so it is less known when compared to Glory Bell and Grace Field. What is known is that it produces lots of high-quality meat, but some of the children from here are sent to Goldy Pond to serve as prey for the demon poachers. These children have their serial numbers just above their chests. Grand Valley is similar to Glory Bell which is more of a village with multiple buildings than one large mansion. 

Of the children sent to Goldy Pond, a few are Oliver, Gillian, and Nigel. These characters are on the older side, having been surviving in Goldy Pond for a long while. Also due to the fact that Grand Valley’s maximum shipment age is 17 years old, much older when compared to Grace Field and Glory Bell. 

The surviving Grand Valley children (Olver, Gillian, and Nigel are 3 of the surviving) in Goldy Pond, have decided to form a resistance against the poacher demons. It is only after Emma, Ray, and Yugo arrive at the scene, are they able to defeat their demon captors. 


The Promised Neverland Goodwill Ridge

Of the four Premium farms, close to nothing is known about Goodwill Ridge, fewer characters come from Goodwill than Grand Valley. The only characters are Barbara and Cislo. There is no confirmed maximum age for Goodwill kids, nor do we know where their serial numbers are. When asked, Shirai (the mangaka’s pen name) said he forgot, but believes it was on the waist or ankle. 

Just like the other premium farms, the children live short fulfilling lives with less stress and much play. They are educated and live in posh environments, as to increase their meat value. 

Goodwill Ridge holds far more children than Grace Field, as the meat farm has multiple buildings and homes. Instead of a wall keeping the children in, a large dome surrounding the “village” is used.

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