Paradox Pokemon: The other timely Pokemon of Scarlet and Violet

Paradox Pokemon – what are they?

Paradox Pokemon is a new group of Pokemon introduced in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. They are first introduced to use in the form of Great Tusk or Iron Treads, a titan Pokemon we battle when we are helping Arven gather his herba mystica. These Pokemon can only be found in Area Zero of the Paldea region. They were discovered by a scientist, who wrote about them in his Scarlet/Violet Book.

They are Pokemon who are from a different time period, so they look different from the Pokemon that we, pokemon fans are used to. These Pokemon are different versions of Pokemon such as Salamence, Jigglypuff, and more.  The paradox Pokemon in both Violet and Scarlet is different. Neither games share the same paradox Pokemon due to their stories differing. 


Paradox Pokemon Violet

The Paradox Pokemon in Pokemon Violet differ from Pokemon Scarlet. This is because the stories in Pokemon Violet and Scarlet are different. Pokemon Violet has Professor Turo. This Pokemon professor is obsessed with future Pokemon, pokemon that live in the distant future. Due to evolution, these future Pokemon have a more machine-like appearance when compared to their ancestors. The following paradox Pokemon are found only in Pokemon Violet:

  • Iron Treads
  • Iron Bundle
  • Iron Hands
  • Iron Jugulis
  • Iron Moth
  • Iron Thorns
  • Iron Valiant
  • Miraidon
  • Iron Leaves


Paradox Pokemon Scarlet

The paradox Pokemon of Pokemon Scarlet are different from the paradox Pokemon of Pokemon. While paradox Pokemon from Violet are from the future, the Pokemon in Scarlet are from the distant past. Professor Sada, unlike her husband in Pokemon Violet, is obsessed with these past forms. The paradox Pokemon are now long extinct from our time period, the present. Those Pokemon are the ancestors of today’s Pokemon, which due to evolution, certain genes became more and more dominant as the ecosystem changed (look at me, using my environmental science knowledge to good use). The following are Paradox Pokemon found only in Pokemon Scarlet:

Great Tusk

Scream Tail

Brute Bonnet

Flutter Mane

Slither Wing

Sandy Shocks

Roaring Moon


Walking Wake


Paradox Pokemon Forms

All Violet Paradox Pokemon 

Iron Treads

Iron Treads is a big metallic elephant-like Pokemon. It is the future descendant of the modern-day Pokemon, Donphan. This Pokemon, unlike its descendent Donphan, has the “steel” type along with the “ground” typing. It is a duel steel/fighting. 

Iron Bundle 

Iron Bundle is a past paradox Pokemon with an appearance eerily similar to that of Delibird. It too has a robotic appearance and is thought to be made by an ancient civilization that is now long gone. Unlike Delibird, who has the ice/flying typing, Iron Bundle is an ice/water Pokemon. 

Iron Hands

Iron Hands looks like the metallic robotic version of Hariyama. Most of its body is grey, but it has yellow on its large arms and on its thighs. A potential theory as to the origins of this Pokemon is that it is a cyborg. It used to be a human athlete who become mortally wounded and was turned into Iron Hands. Yet this doesn’t exactly explain why it looks so much like Hariyama. Iron Hands is a fighting/electric Pokemon, unlike Hariyama who is solely a fighting type Pokemon. 

Iron Jugulis 

Iron Jugulis looks like the robotic version of the Pokemon Hydreigon. It looks very similar in design to Hydreigon, except the purple on it is more sparkly. The Iron Jugulis is said to have burned an entire building down using its fire. It is a ferocious and violent Pokemon. Iron Jugulis is a dark/flying Pokemon, unlike Hydreigon is a dark/dragon-type Pokemon. 

Iron Moth

Iron Moth looks like the robotic version of Volcarona. One major difference between the two is that Iron Moth’s wings are diamond shaped and unattached to the body, while Volcarona has less standard-shaped wings attached to the body. Odd theories suggest that Iron Moth is a UFO sent from far away to spy on humans. That is an other-worldly being. Iron Moth is a fire/poison Pokemon, unlike Volcarona who is a bug/fire Pokemon. 

Iron Thorns

Iron Thorns looks like the robotic version of Tyranitar. It is thought to be Tyranitar a billion years from now. The Pokemon, unlike Tyranitar prefers to avoid fighting unless absolutely necessary. Iron Thorns is a rock/electric type, unlock Tyranitar who is a rock/dark type Pokemon

Iron Valiant

Iron Valiant is one of the odder future paradox Pokemon. This Pokemon looks not like one Pokemon, but a mix of two Pokemon. Iron Valiant looks like Gardevoir and Gallade. A theory says that Iron Valiant is a failed experiment where scientists tried to combine the two psychic Pokemon. Iron Valiant is a fairy/fighting Pokemon. 


Miraidon looks like the robotic version of Cyclizar. It is much larger in size, and much more powerful and ferocious. Miradon, unlike the other future paradox Pokemon, has many more differences from its believed ancestor, Cyclizar. It is blue and yellow in color and can float. Miradon is a dragon/electric Pokemon, unlike Cyclizar is a dragon/normal type. 

Iron Leaves

Iron Leaves looks like the robotic version of the Legendary Pokemon Virizion. It is very similar in appearance to Virizion, one of the few differences being that Iron Valiant has dark-colored eyes. The scientist who went to Area Zero and wrote the Scarlet/Violet book (Heath) has this Pokemon drawn as a sketch. They could’ve sworn they had seen it. Iron Leaves is a grass/psychic, while Virizion is a grass/fighting type. 


All Scarlet Paradox Pokemon 

Great Tusk

Great Tusk looks very similar to modern-day Donphan. Great Tusk is believed to be Donphan’s ancestor species. Great Tusk has much more purple and pink on it, unlike Donphan who has much more monotone colors. It also has very large tusks, probably where the name came from. Great Tusk is believed to be from the dinosaur era, a long long time ago. Great Tusk has the typing ground/fighting, unlike Donphan who has the ground typing

Scream Tail

Scream Tail looks very similar to modern-day Jiggypuff, perhaps the ancestor of said Pokemon. The only major difference between the ancestor and descendent is that Scream Tail has a long bunch of hair fur and yellow eyes. It is said to lurk in Paldean forests. Scream Tail is a fairy/psychic, unlike Jiggypuff is a normal/fairy.

Brute Bonnet

Brute Bonnet looks very similar to Ammongus. The Brute Bonnet has green spikes on its head mushroom, covering part of its face. It is said to be a powerful attacker. Brute Bonnets have grass/dark typing, unlike Amoongus have grass/poison typing. 

Flutter Mane

Flutter Mane looks very similar to Misdrevus. The ancient Flutter Mane is much larger than the small Misdreavus. Theories state that it is the ghost of a long-gone pterosaur. Flutter Mane is a ghost/fairy type, while its descendent Misdreavus is solely a ghost. 

Slither Wing

Sliter Wing looks very similar to Volcarona. Slither Wings don’t fly, meaning its descendant Volcarona grew wings over many generations due to unknown reasons. Slither Wings are theorized to be revived from prehistoric fossils. Slither Wing is a bug/fighting. While Volcarona is a bug/fire Pokemon.

Sandy Shocks

Sandy Shocks is very similar to Magneton. It is believed to have lived for 10 thousand years. Many have seen it but none have caught it. Sandy Shocks main difference from its descendent Magneton would be the numerous spikes on it, along with the magnets on it serving as legs. Sandy Shocks is an electric/ground Pokemon, while Magneton is an electric/steel Pokemon. 

Roaring Moon

Roaring Moon is another anomaly of an ancient Pokemon. At first, it holds many similarities to the mighty Salamence, but when one looks closer, one would realize it looks like Mega Salamence far more than it does normal Salamence. Roaring Moon is a dragon/dark type Pokemon, while Mega Salamence is a dragon/flying Pokemon.


Koraidon holds few similarities to Cyclizar. Legends say it once split the land with its first. It is more red and blue when compared to Cyclizar, very different in details, but similar in overall form. Koraidon is a fighting/dragon type Pokemon, while Cyclizar is a dragon/normal type Pokemon. 

Walking Wake

Walking Wake is very similar to the Legendary Pokemon Suicune. One major difference is that Walking Wake walks on two legs, while Suicune walks on all four. Walking Wake is a water/dragon, while Suicune is a water type.


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